Heather McIntyre
The First Session of Counselling/Psychotherapy

I work from home in the quiet village of Steeple Langford which is 15 minutes from Salisbury and 3 minutes from the A303.

My sessions last one hour although occasionally people like to have an hour and a half.

Initially you will be welcomed into my therapy room and I will explain to you how the confidentiality works and answer any questions you have.

You will then have the opportunity to tell me about yourself and what you hope to gain from counselling.

Towards the end of the session we will go over what you feel are the most important issues that you wish to work on.

We will then make an agreement about further appointments and I will do my best to offer you a time of day and day/s of the week to suit you. I can be flexible to fit in with your timetable (eg if you work shifts or if your work involves being away from home at times).

Most clients choose to come for weekly sessions but some prefer to come twice weekly or fortnightly.

Some clients choose to contract for a set number of sessions with a review towards the end in case they feel they need more time. Others prefer to work in an open ended way and to decide at the time when they feel ready to end the counselling.

I provide a service that is tailor made for each individual and always respect the person’s right to choose and to change their mind.


Photo: Paul Wilton